Industrial Clean Room
Kings Lynn

We provided civil and structural services on a design and construct basis to deliver a two bay steel framed unit, approximately 133m long with operational area of 5,180m2 located in King’s Lynn.

The unit comprises the country’s largest clean room manufacturing area for the assembly of pharmaceutical apparatus and incorporates a pair of overhead runway crane serving the whole length of the clean room assembly area.  Following validation of the clean room, Joe Hughes of GMP Validation Consultants, said, “With a career spanning 25 years, I have tested clean rooms all over the world. The new facility is by far the largest clean room recognised by the Clean Room Testing & Certification Board in the UK.”

The building also includes a mezzanine first floor deck across the width of the building to one end of the building, with racking bay dispatch area to the opposite end.  The building is served by a sprinkler system with new dedicated water tank and pump building.   

The site, located over peat soils and within the flood plains of Kings Lynn incorporates an active gas protection system and a fully piled, fibre-reinforced floor slab.