Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Rossi Long Consulting have provided ongoing civil and structural engineering consultancy services at the Norfolk and Norwich University hospital since 2010. The hospital opened in 2001 with ongoing redevelopment works on a regular basis to meet the expanding and changing demands. We have worked on over 60 different projects that has included:

  • New radiotherapy wing incorporating 2 reinforced concrete LINAC bunkers and replacement helipad;
  • New 3T MRI and CT wing on two storeys;
  • New four storey ward block extension;
  • New discharge lounge and RATS buildings;
  • Remodeling and extension to the emergency department and delivery suite;
  • New cardiology CATH lab and modifications to nuclear medicine department;
  • Remodeling of scope wash department;
  • Expansion of brachytherapy department;
  • Roof level plant room extensions;
  • Structural assessments to allow installation of new clinical equipment;
  • Hospital peripheral road alterations;
  • Vertical extension of existing building for clinical and office accommodation;
  • Remodeling and refurbishment of the operating theatres;
  • Designs for temporary operating theatres and MRI units;
  • Condition surveys on building fabric;
  • Feasibility studies on major strategic alterations and new build options.

A common consideration to all our work at the hospital is striving to minimise disturbance and disruption to the hospital while carefully coordinating our structure with the extensive services.  Resulting designs ensure maximum future adaptability.

We have achieved the above by thorough fact-finding to fully understand the existing conditions and limit risk, considerate investigation specification and using 3D drafting software to allow spatial planning of the limited services spaces with the structure. The choice of structural materials aimed to reduce the construction programme and disturbance to the hospital occupants during the works by specifying pre-fabricated components where possible.