National Careers Week

It is widely recognised that there is a skills shortage within engineering which includes Civil and Structural Engineering. With National Careers Week returning this week, we wanted to take the opportunity to help inspire and encourage the future working generation that engineering is a fantastic career choice.

National Careers Week is a non-for-profit initiative which this year runs from 4th–9th March. It is a dedicated week helping to support young people who are finding their way into the working world.

We caught-up with our latest Graduate Structural Engineer, Jake Ashley-Locke who is now five months into his role. Fresh out of university, he is perfectly placed to talk about his education experience and how he achieved his first step into the world of Structural Engineering.

What made you decide on a career in Civil and Structural Engineering?
I enjoyed Physics and Maths at school, but not to the extent that I wanted to go study either subject purely on their own. So, it was a case of finding something that integrated elements of the two, and engineering was a clear choice. I ended up looking through a list of different engineering disciplines and Civil Engineering jumped out and looked the most interesting to me. It’s also completely global, so opens up all sorts of opportunities to live/work wherever.

What further education did you undertake prior to joining Rossi Long Consulting?
After school, I studied for an Integrated Masters in Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol.

How do you think your further education has helped you gain a career within Structural Engineering?
There’s the learning of the fundamental technical stuff which is obviously pretty important for design, but also having the opportunity to work on fictional projects with groups of other students which was really helpful for transitioning into a workplace.

Would you recommend your path of education?
Absolutely! I’d really recommend it if you’re interested in Civil/Structural Engineering design. In a sector as highly regulated as construction, I’d have thought you’d have quite a difficult time getting your foot in the door of a company without the qualifications and base knowledge. Plus, university is fun, a great way to meet new people and provides so many life skills as well.

What types of projects are you working on at Rossi Long Consulting?
I’m involved with all sorts of projects covering a range of sectors from housing to healthcare, which is nice as the variety keeps things interesting and means I’m always learning something new. In just the past five months I’ve gained experience working with all the main construction materials and a whole jumble of different structural forms.

How have you found the past five months since you joined the company?
It’s been fun overall, although it is pretty odd studying something for four years and then going into the workplace and feeling completely useless at the start! That said, you can pick things up pretty quickly which is quite pleasing. It has massively helped that everyone is lovely, and always willing to give me a hand if I need it.

What has been your highlight since joining Rossi Long Consulting?
The Christmas party!!

Has working in the industry and the working world been what you expected?
Yes, I guess so. I’ve especially enjoyed the amount of co-working that is involved; be that with clients, contractors or colleagues

Where would you like to see your career progressing over the next five years?
I’m trying to figure that out for myself! The most important thing for me is that I want to enjoy what I do, and for the moment I’m achieving that, so all is well. One thing I can say though, is that I definitely believe that if you’re going to do something you may as well put the effort in to be good at it, so wherever I end up I want to be as good at the role as I can be.

Any advice to those wishing to pursue a career in Civil or Structural Engineering?
Make the most of the opportunities that come your way, whether it’s through work experience, apprenticeships or education. Everyone is crying out for competent employees so you’ll get snapped up as long as you show dedication and put the work in.


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